Today’s Big Stuff is a Monday through Friday newsletter for progressive Americans who want to save their democracy while making fun of people like Donald Trump Jr. and Lauren Boebert who might actually be the same, really dumb person. .

Today’s Big Stuff (TBS) was founded in early 2019 by “Ready for Hillary” creator and Democratic strategist Adam Parkhomenko and former White House correspondent and veteran campaign reporter Sam Youngman. What started as a small clip service for six people, quickly expanded as thousands of stressed out Americans searched for a news source that tells it how it is — with lots of sick jokes and cuss words.

In 2020, the more than 75,000 members of the Big Stuff community — also known as Sexy Patriots and Big Stufferinoes — mobilized along with 81 million other Americans to send Donald Trump crying back to Mar-a-Lago leaving a trail of urine along the way. And we’re just getting started.

If laughter is the best medicine, then TBS is like an injection of bleach right to the fucking face.

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