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The Way the News Should Sound When the Whole F**king World is on Fire

Welcome to Today’s Big Stuff! — A newsletter for the 81 million smart Americans who are still laughing at the 74 million dumbasses who voted for a mass-murdering moron who told them to inject bleach.

Hey there, Sexy Patriots! Every day Monday through Friday, Today’s Big Stuff delivers a hot steaming pile of profane outrage about what the Republican Party and their friends in the  media are doing to this  country right to your inbox.

At Today’s Big Stuff, we wrap up the day’s news — sprinkled with some truth bombs and some eff-bombs  — along with some jokes about the degenerates we’re battling and an occasional dose of inspiration for getting through these tough times.

American democracy is under attack by some of the dumbest dumbshits in history, and we plan to make fun of them until our sides hurt. You know, for America.

We're so goddamn angry we can't stop laughing.