• Sam Youngman

Why the hell do they keep calling us radicals?!

By Sam Youngman

Not a single Democrat proposed telling 6 million Americans to go fuck themselves this week.

But Mitch McConnell sure did.

And he’s calling us radical?!

McConnell and the Republican Party have been quite clear that they have no qualms about defaulting on our debt and wrecking a recovering economy — costing an estimated 6 million American jobs — all while we are still very much in a pandemic that is killing about 2,000 of us a day.

And he’s calling us radical?!

Mitch’s attack on the economy comes less than 10 months — 10 goddamn months — since the Republican Party joined a group of violent terrorists in trying to overthrow the government and install Donald Trump as president.

And he’s calling us radical?!

The Republican Party almost to a person has tried to erase what happened that day in January, and they all look the other way or say nothing when Trump puts out statements praising his imprisoned terrorist soldiers who were responsible for injuring about 140 cops and damn near killing off democracy.

And they’re calling us radical?!

And it’s not like Republicans have just been chill and productive and helpful in the days and weeks between their coup attempt and their efforts to crush the economy. McConnell notwithstanding for once, Republicans have fought tooth and nail to prolong a deadly pandemic that has killed almost 700,000 Americans.

Seriously. They are fighting to prolong a deadly pandemic that has killed almost 700,000 Americans.

And they’re calling us radical?!

The extremism of the Republican Party is important to keep in mind at a time when Democrats risk falling into infighting or shooting themselves in the feet. It’s vital that we not confuse some of the more traditional dysfunction of Washington with the cold, cruel and existential threats facing the nation because of the GOP.

As the debate over funding the government and passing Biden’s agenda has fallen along moderates-vs.-progressives, it’s important to remember something very important — Republicans are the ones trying to overthrow the government, spread a horrifying virus and destroy the economy.

And that all sounds pretty fucking radical to me.