• Adam Parkhomenko

This might be our last chance to listen to Hillary

By Adam Parkhomenko

The woman got out of the time machine and began to share stories of what was to come.

She told the villagers about the danger that was coming, but they didn’t listen. And when it turned out she was right, the villagers had forgotten all about the time traveler’s warning.

And now she’s back. And she has another warning. And the villagers are ignoring her again.

And this time, they might not get another chance at another warning.

So why in the world would the villagers ignore someone who keeps telling them what’s going to happen? Why would they ignore someone who could save them so much needless pain and suffering?

Well, first of all because she’s a woman. And second of all because her name is Hillary Clinton.

Yep, Hillary, the first woman presidential nominee for a major party who was repeatedly invited by the national media to just go away despite winning the popular vote over an actual tyrant in 2016, has told us over and over again what was coming. And she’s been right every time.

That’s what makes her latest warning so damn scary.

Speaking to Jennifer Senior at an event hosted by The Atlantic, Hillary said that the United States is “in the middle of a constitutional crisis. It’s like the frog dropped into the water. It’s boiling. People are still arguing about stuff that is important, but not as fundamental as whether or not our democracy will be broken and then taken over. And minority rule will be what we live under, the norm.”

In a tweet, Senior said that she was “just astonished by how blunt Hillary was in her interview with me yesterday. She’s genuinely afraid — as I am, as so many of us are — that this country will descend into minority rule.”

Hillary had a response to that too: “I’m astonished that more people don’t see, or can’t face, America’s existential crisis.”

Take a second to consider the future she is warning about. A future where state legislatures decided you voted wrong so they throw out your decision and replace it with their own. No accountability. No rules. No majority rule. No right to self-governance. No more democracy.

We already know how many times she’s been right before.

Yes, Trump was Putin’s puppet. Yes, the Supreme Court justices confirmed after 2016 are making abortion illegal. And yes, they could fit in a basket of deplorables after they attack our Capitol and threaten our teachers.

And that’s just a tiny list of all the things she warned us about that have come to fruition.

So how about this time when that time machine shows up and the nice lady gets out, we actually heed what she has to say?

Because she’s been right before. And when she’s right this time, it will be too late to listen.


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