• Sam Youngman

Wednesday Wisdom: The Big, Ugly Picture Should Keep Democrats Unified

By Sam Youngman

Did you hear that Democrats are in disarray again?

Seems like maybe we should just have our mail sent there.

(Go ahead and enter your own Louis DeJoy joke here.)

If you’re the kind of masochist who has been following the ups and downs and twists and turns of all the sausage-making on Capitol Hill as Democrats try like hell to keep the government funded, the economy going and the Biden agenda on track, then you might be a tad frustrated right now.

Hell, you might be so mad you could shit yourself.

Maybe you’re a progressive who busted your ass last year, and you’re furious to see centrists fucking around and fucking up the agenda you worked so hard to see passed. Maybe you’re one of those centrists who thinks progressives are being unreasonable. Or maybe you’re one of the six people who think Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema know what they’re doing and should be cut some slack.

Well I’m sure as hell not gonna tell you you’re right or wrong, though I would be a bit surprised to learn that any fans of Machin’s or Sinema’s are coming to this website. Or even exist at all outside of Mitch McConnell’s office.

What I will say is this — eventually the dust from this week’s bullshit storm is gonna settle. And when it does, Democrats will still be the party that fought like hell and delivered results for the American people, and Republicans will still be the party trying to kill them and their jobs. And all the ridiculous D.C. drama in the world ain’t gonna change those two facts.

I have no idea what is going to come out of this. Speaker Pelosi has earned a great deal of trust from Democratic voters, and I suspect she will once again reward that trust. That said, the end result, whatever it looks like, is going to piss off a lot of Democrats.

Important shit is going to get cut. Maybe a little. Probably a lot.

When it does, there will be great temptation to look at our leadership or our president or our rank-and-file members or each other and point fingers, maybe even middle fingers, and say they didn’t fight hard enough or they should have done more or we didn't’ do what needed to be done.

Those might be legitimate criticisms.

Or we can remember that only one party is trying to govern this massive nation, and that ain’t an easy thing to do. Especially when Republicans have the souls of serial killers and body counts to match.

And that’s the big picture we’re all gonna have to keep in mind — do we prefer disappointment or death?

That’s the choice we will continue to face between the two parties as long as Democrats are trying to govern and Republicans are trying to destroy.

Because being in the responsible governing party means disappointing people. It means pissing people off, and it means people get left behind who we sure as hell shouldn’t be leaving behind. It means compromising with people who also call themselves Democrats even though they don’t always act like it. It means falling short of big changes so you can make sure small changes actually happen.

Why does it mean all of those things? Because politics sucks and people are idiots!

But it’s also just the reality of living in a world where one Republican leader is still attempting a coup almost a year after the last election and another Republican leader is happy to kill 6 million jobs and plunge the nation into a recession if it will take another few points off of Joe Biden’s approval rating.

Our work is hard and nasty because we’re doing it alone while lunatics lob bricks and cherry bombs at us.

And that’s something we can’t lose sight of in the days ahead.

We’re not perfect. In fact, we fuck things up a lot.

But we didn’t kill 700,000 Americans, we didn’t try to overthrow the government and we’re not trying to wreck the economy and millions of jobs just for shits and giggles and politics.

But the other side did. They’ll do more of it if they get the chance. The best weapon we have to stop them is our unity.

And as frustrating as it is sometimes, disarray beats death any day of the week.