• Sam Youngman

Mitch McConnell is trying to teach Democrats a lesson — we should listen

By Sam Youngman

Mitch McConnell likes to say that there’s no education in the second kick of a mule.

As the people who seem to love testing that theory, maybe Democrats should think about listening.

They should listen when he says he is 100 percent focused on stopping Joe Biden. They should listen when he says his proudest day was telling President Obama that he would not fill a Supreme Court seat. And they should listen when he tells them he’s trying to derail their agenda.

While the Joe Manchins of the world continue to hunt high and low for a bipartisan spirit that disappeared around the time goat-horned terrorists were trying to hang the vice president, McConnell is making clear over and over again that all he cares about is delaying, obstructing and winning.

This week, for what seemed like the billionth time, McConnell made clear that he has no intention of doing a damn thing to raise the debt ceiling — ya know, to pay the bills he ran up when he was playing foot soldier to Daddy Trump — and that he has no problem with the new Jim Crow voting laws that have been passed in the states.

When Trump and McConnell were running up the bills for their rich buddies, Democrats helped them raise the debt ceiling three times. Maybe they should have given Republicans a taste of their own medicine. Maybe they should’ve done exactly what Mitch is doing right now.

When Trump sent terrorists to attack the Capitol, Mitch patted himself on the back for not being a part of the coup. And then he sat back and did jack shit as red states passed law after law to make the next coup attempt a successful one, and he has repeatedly made clear that neither he nor his caucus are gonna do a damn thing about it.

This is who he is.

He can’t be persuaded, he’s not gonna come around and there will be no epiphany. There is no better Mitch McConnell. Just because he didn’t personally beat any cops with the flag on Jan. 6 doesn’t mean he didn’t help send the people who did.

Remember that McConnell knew that Biden had won the election for weeks — FOR WEEKS — and he still said nothing, except to Bill Barr because for some reason he was talking to the Attorney General of the United States about Senate elections in Georgia.

Senators like to believe they’re in a club. It’s one of the reasons so many of them are completely out of touch with what’s happening in this country.

But it seems like at some point that last ounce of self-respect kicks in and maybe you stop glad-handing with the guy who keeps pantsing you.

Or maybe not.

Because the two men hate each other, McConnell probably likes to think that he’s better than Trump and his ilk. A lot of reporters and even some Democratic senators want to believe that too.

But it’s all bullshit.

Mitch thought he was better than the crazies of the Tea Party too, but then he realized he could use them and their unhinged racism to win elections and get what he wanted. And it worked. And the line between him and them disappeared.

Mitch might have talked tough after Trump sent terrorists to the Capitol to overthrow our government, but he chickened out when it mattered most and Trump faced the possibility of real consequences, once again enabling a man who has brought our democracy to the brink of destruction.

Despite decades of obstruction and scorched-earth political warfare, McConnell is still regarded as a statesman or an institutionalist by far too many people in Washington.

Maybe if we start listening to what he’s saying, we’ll start to see him for what he is.

And then maybe we can teach that mule a lesson or two ourselves.