• Sam Youngman

Maybe we should start telling Americans who and what Republicans really are

By Sam Youngman

Josh Hawley is defending the monsters terrorizing and threatening our teachers, Ted Cruz is proudly telling the president of the United States to fuck off and Mitch McConnell is leading the charge to kill 6 million jobs.

Oh and they tried to violently overthrow the government like 10 months ago.

So why in the hell are so many in Washington still acting like these are normal run-of-the-mill D.C. assholes instead of the dangerous, dishonest and criminal assholes they actually are?

The simple yet painful truth is that America is under attack from within. As President Biden would say, that’s not hyperbole. Republicans have already employed domestic terrorists to end our democracy THIS YEAR, and they haven’t slowed down that effort one bit.

So why in the hell are they still presented to us every damn day like they’re just normal politicians doing normal political shit?

There seems to be this idea in Washington, shared by reporters and quite a few elected

Democrats, that Republicans are going to snap out of it and start acting like decent statesmen who actually care deeply about their country. I assume these are the same people who send marriage proposals to serial killers because they think they can change them.

But you can’t change a serial killer or a Republican. And these days, that’s being redundant.

In addition to trying to overthrow the government and injuring 140 cops and then spending months trying to cover it up, the Republican Party has also worked to exacerbate and prolong a deadly pandemic that has killed more than 700,000 Americans. And I haven’t even mentioned what they're doing to our planet.

So no, they don’t have a bottom or a conscience or really any humanity whatsoever. And waiting for them to find one of the above is going to get more people — and probably our democracy — killed.

So let’s start calling them what they are — terrorists.

And let’s start treating them accordingly.

I mean isn’t it kinda crazy that we aren’t talking about how the same people who want the U.S. to default are the same people who wanted their friends to bear spray cops and rub shit on the walls of the U.S. Capitol?

Republicans have established a clear pattern of death and destruction, and they represent an existential threat to every single one of our nation’s values. We need to stop acting like that’s just a matter of polite disagreement.

And the harsh reality is our news media is just not up to the task. They depend on their relationships with these same Republicans or they miss Trump and what he did for their career ambitions. There are a lot of hard-working reporters doing important shit, but it should be obvious by now that the mainstream media as a whole has zero interest in holding the Republican Party accountable or expanding its mission to include a defense of democracy.

So that means Democrats have to do it.

Now I’m certainly not gonna sit here and try to tell Speaker Pelosi how to do her job (I might with Schumer). I would, however, like to see Democratic leadership — including Biden — being honest with the American people about the threat facing their country courtesy of the Republican Party.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe Biden’s way of approaching Republican senators as if they’re still persuadable public servants is the way to go. It certainly has seemed to help him in the past, especially with independent voters. Besides, Joe has won three more presidential campaigns than I have, so he probably definitely knows more about it than I do.

But I do know that epiphany he was hoping for ain’t happening.

Jan. 6 should have made that clear. And just in case it didn’t, McConnell holding a gun to the jobs of 6 million Americans sure as hell should erase all doubt.

Americans should know and be told over and over again that there are people in Washington who want more violence and want more economic pain. They should know that that’s not normal, and it sure as fuck isn’t politics as usual. They should know that Republicans are hurting them without shame or remorse.

And if we don’t tell them, nobody else will.