• Rachel Vindman

Hey Donald! Please Come Visit Us in Virginia!

By Rachel Vindman

Donald Trump put my family’s life in danger, but I’m still engraving an invitation for him to come visit us in Virginia.

I know it sounds crazy after he lied about, attacked, and fired my husband to hide his own brazen corruption, but I really do want Trump to visit Northern Virginia. I want him to campaign for Glenn Youngkin. I want him to remind voters here who he is and what he did. I want Donald Trump to make it clear that Youngkin would be no different if he got elected.

So yeah, I’ll buy him a plane ticket, send an uber, make up the guest room and even chip in for gas if he wants to drag himself here and stop hiding behind his endless lies. I am putting out the welcome mat for the corrupt monster who is responsible for all the death threats my family has received.

But I don’t think he’ll take me up on it.

Yeah, after Trump sent out a statement (he had to say it by statement because he’s banned from Twitter after his lies led to violence and an attempted coup--sad) that said he was coming to Arlington, Youngkin said that wasn’t true.

You can imagine the shock in the Vindman household when we learned that Trump was lying.

But I’m still hoping he’ll reconsider.

If he comes to Virginia, he can tell us all about how he wants to overturn the will of 81 million Americans based on some ridiculous nonsense he found on the internet. He can remind us all how he played golf and said COVID would just magically go away while thousands of Americans were dying painful, lonely deaths every day.

And after he gets done with that, he can remind us of the 30,000 lies he told us while in office. He can tell us all about how Black football players are sonsofbitches. He can talk about how he’s in love with a North Korean dictator. He can share with us how he used the full weight of the presidency to enrich himself by putting taxpayer dollars directly in his pocket. Maybe he can tell us more about the porn star mistress he paid off and why it’s a good thing that the leader of the free world would call her “horseface.”

I also hope he’ll tell us all what happened on Jan. 6 when he sent a gang of deranged terrorists to attack our Capitol and ended this country’s hallowed tradition of peaceful transfers of power.

I want him to stand in front of a microphone and say again that Election Day was the real insurrection. I want to hear again how much he loved the criminals who were beating and bear-spraying cops that awful day.

Oh, and you know how much I also want him to remind us all how much he hates veterans and people who served in the armed forces. He can tell everyone how he smeared by husband for having the guts to tell the truth. He can tell us again how our fallen warriors were “suckers” and “losers.”

And I think a lot of Northern Virginia moms like me want to hear him talk about education.

We want him to come to Virginia and talk about why books written by Black people need to be banned. We want to hear him explain how future generations will be ready to take on the world if they are so fragile they have to be protected about learning from slavery. We want him to tell us all how nobody should read “Beloved.” And then for good measure, I want to ask him if he has ever read it.

I’m guessing he has not.

But I think more than anything, I want the man who tried to get my family killed to come to Virginia and stand next to the man who’s just like him and pretending to be something different.

We’ve heard Glenn Youngkin’s dog-whistles. We’ve seen him try to pit us against each other with his attacks on Pulitzer-winning novels about slavery. And we’ve seen how he really feels about the last election and abortion rights.

I know Trump and Youngkin are standing side-by-side. I just want them to have the guts to actually do it for us all to see.

And for that, I’ll even pick Trump up at the airport.