• Sam Youngman

For once, we should listen to Joe Manchin

By Sam Youngman

Yeah, I’m sick of talking about that shady motherfucker too.

But for the first time in maybe ever, West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin finally said something worth listening to.

On Capitol Hill Thursday, while laying out why he was being such a dick and trying to derail the Biden agenda that 81 million of us worked our asses off to pass, Joe Manchin said that he’s never been a liberal.

Yeah, well no shit. But that’s not the part we should listen to.

No, the part we should listen to is his challenge to liberals that they should elect more liberals if they want to pass their liberal agenda.

Sounds like a pretty goddamn good idea to me.

As congressional negotiations have gone from heartburn to waking nightmare these past few days and weeks, we have seen a fascinating change in the dynamics of the Democratic Party. On one side you have the progressives, who were so despised by Democratic administrations in the past that the Obama White House even labeled some of them “the professional left.”

But this time the progressives are the ones in the mainstream. They’re the ones fighting for what the president ran on and what the president wants. It’s the so-called centrists who are fucking everything up for everyone.

We’ve all watched as almost the entire House Democratic caucus and the overwhelming majority of the Senate Democratic caucus have been left to twist and stew as Manchin and fellow fucker-upper Kyrsten Sinema hold this whole thing hostage.

And while I’ve used these last few days to try and preach about the crucial need for Democratic unity no matter what, the reality is some of this shit can’t be overlooked.

But, and this really sucks, we also can’t get all crazy and tell Sinema and Manchin to go join the other party, even if it does seem like that’s where they belong. Because the cold, hard truth is that as much as it seems like Mitch McConnell is still running things now, he would officially be back to running things if either of those a-holes jumped to the other side of the aisle.

So where does that leave us other than between a rock and a hard place and a bunch of fucking D.C. lobbyists?

Well, I'll tell you. It leaves us following Joe goddamn Manchin’s goddamn advice and electing more liberals.

Because it has become clear that they are the wing of the Democratic Party who are fighting for what Americans want and need. They’re fighting for the Biden agenda. They’re fighting to expand Medicare and save the planet and save democracy. They’re fighting for us and not their donors.

They are also the ones fighting Republicans. And I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but this stank ass bunch of Republicans desperately need someone to fight them.

So let’s do what Manchin says, and elect more liberals.

Then maybe we can finally start acting like Democrats.