• Sam Youngman

Democrats aren’t messing things up — Two corrupt A-holes are

By Sam Youngman

Excuses are like assholes. And so are Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema.

It’s important to remember that as our impatience grows into anger and we wonder when the hell our own party is gonna get off its ass and start protecting democracy and working for the American people.

Because the truth of the matter is Democrats are working hard. Except for two corrupt assholes.

Manchin and Sinema are also working hard — to drag their own party down and help the GOP win big next year. They have dragged out and thwarted negotiations as President Biden’s approval rating has taken a hit and as Democrats in competitive battleground elections beg them do do their fucking jobs.

They have sucked up campaign contributions from Republican donors, pharmaceutical companies and oil and gas interests while Americans suffer the costly effects of climate change.

They have given us the middle finger repeatedly, substituting their own jaded cynical judgment for that of the 81 million Americans who voted for an agenda they are now destroying.

They are the single best thing Mitch McConnell has going for him as he seeks to take back the Senate in 2022. And really, he only has to take it back in name only as Manchin and Sinema have already given him veto power over the Biden agenda.

While the Arizonans who elected her begged her to keep her promises and help them, Sinema flew off to Europe to raise money. Manchin is now referring to the two of them as part of “52 senators,” making clear they are no longer with Democrats except in name only.

Add all that up and it’s not hard to see their efforts to fuck over the Democratic Party succeeding wildly.

Because most people don’t know that it’s just two corrupt fucking assholes wrecking everything for everyone else. Most people just see inaction. Most people just hear excuses.

But if American democracy is going to survive, then we’re going to have to let people know it isn’t us — it’s them.

Because a weak and ineffective Democratic Party is a problem. But a dangerous and violent cult of Republicans is an existential threat to democracy and American lives.

We are up against actual monsters who tried to violently overthrow the government less than a year ago. We’re up against people who praise a domestic terrorist who was trying to kill members of Congress. We’re up against people who want to force women to deliver their rapist’s baby.

It can be hard to imagine people worse than Manchin and Sinema. But picture a Republican-controlled lower chamber considering Donald Trump for Speaker of the House and it gets a lot easier.

It’s more than ok to be disappointed. We just don’t have the luxury of being discouraged right now.

For the most part, our party is what we hope and want it to be. The overwhelming majority of our members are working hard to deliver on what we have demanded. Sure, we’ve got some wimps and some kooks and whatever the fuck Josh Gottheimer is. But by and large, we are still very much the good guys, and it is really goddamn important the good guys win.

We don’t know what if any parts of the Biden agenda are going to make it into law, but it does seem obvious at this point that two corrupt fucking assholes are going to kill our wildest ambitions and piss all over our highest hopes.

So we’re going to have to remember the other reasons we voted Blue last year:

To save democracy.

To restore this nation’s soul.

To send a message that we’re better than Donald Trump.

To save American lives.

And if we can remember and channel these motivations, if we can turn out in even bigger numbers despite our disappointments and anger, if we can once again get past the bullshit to come together and repel fascism, then maybe we can deliver Manchin and Sinema the one fuck you they fear the most — irrelevance.